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Name:Buffy Summers
Birthdate:Jan 21

Blonde, bouncy Buffy Summers is a care-free, popular cheerleader, whose main concerns are shopping and spending time with her friends. But all that changes when she is approached by a strange man named Merrick, who informs her that she is The Slayer who has been chosen by fate to kill the vampires. Acting as her Watcher, he has been sent to train and guide her. At first she refuses to accept her duties, but eventually sees there is no other way. She admits that she has dreams of past Slayers and reluctantly acknowledges that she is the Chosen One.

After brief training, she is drawn into conflict with a local vampire king called Lothos, who has killed a number of past Slayers, his sidekick, and their determined gang of bloodsuckers. Lothos kills Merrick, giving Buffy the motivation she needs. In a climactic battle set at the senior dance in her high school, Buffy defeats Lothos and his minions by being true to her own contemporary style and ignoring the conventions and limitations of previous Slayers.


not real. mun and muse are over twenty-one.
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